A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Pumpkin Hater is a FPS that I update every year around Halloween.  Maybe one Halloween it'll suddenly be a finished game!

Updated for 2019!


PUMPKIN HATER mac.app.zip 212 MB


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Not bad at all. Love the old school feeling (quake/doom).

Oh I like this one! The enemy variety gives me that Quake vibe especially with the grenade launcher, and I like how everything is an actual bullet, no hitscan. Of course that does make the shotguns feel a little slow? Same goes for pistols. I feel like I miss shots because the shotgun bullet speed is slower than expected.

One more consistent problem I found was that the game never grabbed my cursor, so it was always there when playing. Which was odd.

I hope to see a finished game in a halloween soon :P

more weapons plz!!!

I'm thinking of adding a fourth ammo type and two more weapons.

love the game and i love god mod

Can't look around with the mouse on MacOS.


Are you supposed to use a controller?


That's weird!  I'll double/triple check Mac before updating again.

plz add mouse lock

It'll be in there the next time I get a chance to update. 

k thx

Really solid stuff here! Most of the mechanics feel great and the level design is awesome! I wish there was a little more audio, better m/kb options and a controls tutorial, but overall, just solid fun!


Audio fixes and menu fixes are next, cool video!

Does not actually support Linux, but it does support Windows and Mac.

You're right!  I accidentally clicked the wrong button.  I changed it, sorry about that.

Top notch DEVS.

Good Luck